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You can select all of the addresses by clicking on the beginning of the first one and holding down the shift key and then clicking at the end of the last email. This highlights all of them.

Then move the mouse onto any part of the highlighted area and press CTRL C to Copy them.

Then go to your email programme and click into the TO Box once, and CTRL V to paste all them at once.

Send this email as many times as you can!!!


Sample Email

Subject: Return All Unauthorised Debits from My Account Immediately

Thank you for confirmation that all accounts are closed and no further shipments will be made nor unauthorised monies taken.
So now there is just the unauthorised debits that you made from her account to be refunded.
I have read your comments in the email below and now here in this email why any contract was made null and void by your “sales techniques” and I am, therefore, entitled to a full refund of all monies you have taken.

I have to disagree with you on four points that each make our contract null and void and are clearly outside the Laws covering Distance Selling Regulations (DSR) for Europe.

  1. You use a PO Box in your address – this is totally against regulations, virtual addresses are not permissible.
  2. You did not send an email to the customer with the Terms and Conditions – Regulations state you must do this!
  3. The tick box stated “I am over 18 and agree with the terms of the site” - The customer is not presented with the terms at any stage of the transaction – completely against regulation.
  4. You must make it clear in at least two forms the full terms and conditions with the customer signs up to and this is BEFORE the transaction is authorised.

This is the signup page and as far as the customer is concerned there are no charges other than the shipping, but underhandedly you hide “your” terms inside a page that you know most people do not read, and then shrug your shoulders and say “that's not my problem!” Sorry but it is very much your problem!
As I stated earlier, out contract is null and void as you have trashed it in many ways so I demand a full refund including shipping for all the monies you have taken from her account without authorisation. Believe me, one way or another I will get my full refund! I will pursue this money by all means available including the Banks, the ASA, the Legal System and I will continually send emails to you as reminders that I am still waiting.

This is a screenshot of your order form and clearly it does not state your words  “By submitting my information, I represent and warrant that I am 18 years of age or older, and have read and agreed to the terms & conditions and Privacy Policy of this site." as you quoted to me on the 6th of Jan in your email copied below! - I know that is what you would like it to say but this is what is said and what it looked like:

You are clearly outside the EU and UK Consumer Regulations.

Up to date I have only ever received TWO packages from you and these have been returned by recorded delivery.
You have taken monies for 4 packages and all were unauthorised. Please return all these funds immediately.
The two “Trials” were not returned sooner because your CANCEL_EMAIL link on your “terms” page had some error and would not work correctly, i.e. the email would not send. This is clearly your issue and not the fault of any customer and is still not working as it should (As of 24th Jan 2014)!

Full Refund Immediately Please!


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