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Robert Bedford Director ID: 917090958 Allen Kaplan Weight Loss 020 3014 4035

These people, led by Robert Bedford, spam users through the social networks
with ads similar to the image above. The ads are extremely misleading and have already
been condemed by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK, but are still in use!

Here is how they work: they get the user to complete the above form which charges £4.95 on a credit or debit card,
for delivery, of the 30 day trial pack and there is nothing else on the page about further payments, times,
cancellations or anything else relevant to the transaction. There is, however, another page called Terms,
which is a link at the very bottom of the main page. This has a couple of pages of terms and even this is very misleading.

The customer has 14 days to return the unused tablets and this 14 days starting from the day the order is placed.

Read the full Terms & Conditions and pay attention to the RED text!

So I did a bit of searching on the net and it is amazing what popped up in the results! Hundreds were Scammed!

Read here for many many other Users that were caught out with this scam!

They give out phone numbers but most people cannot get through on them, and the customers that do get
through have to suffer endless rude comments with very unhelpful operators on the other end of the line!

Read the UK Advertising Standards Authority Complaints Report here

They were told not to use the format or the sharp practices in the future but they are still doing it today!

Read the Robert Bedford Directors Report - Note how many companies he has resigned from! 56! WOW!

Read the "WHO IS" for the website - Everyone is hidden!!!

People behind websites only hide their details when they have something to hide - as is the case here!!!

Please tell your Friends and Family about this SCAM and don't let these nasty individuals steal your money!

On top of all that the actual products DO NOT WORK either!

If you have already been Scammed then have a look at this independent advice

End to End this is one big SCAM!

You have been warned!

If you want to EMAIL them Click Here for their Addresses!


And this is how they SCAM YOU

Just DON'T Sign Up, Please!!

After a lot of time and trouble I have to thank the Bank for a full refund of all money taken from my account!

Please Please Please learn from my daunting experience!